Website Care Package

The Website Care Package is designed to ensure that your website continues to operate smoothly, is protected against malware and hackers, and can be easily recovered in the event of server failure, data corruption, or damage from hackers.

The package consists of the following elements:


Backup software will be installed that automatically takes regular backups of the entire website. These backups are automatically transferred to secure cloud storage in a different location from the web server. These backups can be used to restore the website if necessary.


The WordPress software that runs the website and its associated code and plugins have updates released on a regular basis. These updates contain bug fixes, security enhancements, and new features. It is important to keep the website updated with the latest software versions, as this offers better protection from hacking, keeps the website bug-free, and keeps the website compatible with the underlying server software which is updated at times by the hosting company.

Software updates will be performed on a quarterly basis, with the website reviewed after the update process to check for any errors or conflicts. Occasionally, updates are not compatible with other software running on the website and the update needs to be rolled back. Also, sometimes plugin software becomes discontinued by the plugin developer - with updates no longer being released - meaning that after a certain point in time, the plugin needs to be updated manually or replaced with something else.

If either of these cases occur, you will be advised on the options available and the extent of any work and costs that might be required to be carried out.


A security plugin will be installed and configured on the website. The plugin changes some of the server and WordPress settings to increase the security of the website, and includes a firewall system to block suspicious attempts to access the website code.

It also automatically detects and blocks suspicious login attempts on the website, and performs regular security scans across the whole site.

If any problems are found, we will receive an alert and can take appropriate action. In most cases this will involve updating software outside the normal quarterly cycle - as most alerts are for security flaws that have been reported in existing software and plugins, where an update should be done immediately. These ad-hoc security updates are included in the package.

Occasionally something more serious may occur, and in these instances, we will advise on the best course of action, and if any work needs to be carried out on the website.

Please contact us if you would like to be a part of this care package.