Top End Medical Centre is a locally renowned name in medical care. Their rapid expansion into the four separate but complementary businesses they are now has involved developing the overarching brand strategy for this award-winning group of businesses.

By designing a consistent brand theme and style for each of the businesses, we enabled Top End Medical Centre to strengthen their overall brand recognition in the local community.

The project further involved the consolidation of their existing websites as well as the incorporation of a newly established business into a single fluid website that maximises brand visibility while emphasising the uniqueness of each brand.

Our goal was to deliver an intuitive cross-device website that is simple and enjoyable for visitors to use while also being a powerful tool for the Top End Medical Centre brand by featuring technical innovations such as online booking, data capture and cross-brand promotion.

Careful thought has been applied to every internal and external asset designed for Top End Medical Centre including external signage, business cards, letterheads, comp slips, appointment forms, presentation folders, banners, flyers and glossy advertisements.

By curating strong imagery, identifiable colourways and unique tones and textures the Top End Medical Centre brand sends a powerful message, stands out and is both memorable and inspiring.

Our relationship with Top End Medical Centre has continued over 6 years since their inception and we actively deliver a range of design and advertising services on an ongoing basis.