Wall Mural Collaboration
AAP / Darwin Port Corp
February 2012

Such a big bold piece. We were extremely proud to be given this project, this is by far in my top 5 all time design experiences to be a part of. Again, commissioned by the Darwin Port Corp through Associated Advertising and Promotions. We only had two weeks from concept to creation, so we had to work fast. It was all hands on deck! Deep research went into the placement of the ships in the harbour, and the type of planes that filled the sky. Our aim was to represent courage & strength. This informative mural aims to depict the first day of the Bombing of Darwin 19th February 1942, and pays tribute to all the waterside workers and seafarers who lost their lives at Stokes Hill Wharf, ‘Town Wharf’. A collaboration between Barry Shackleton of No Hands Design, Alex Lehours & AAP. (from left to right: Barry Shackleton, Claire Bell & Alex Lehours)